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Feb 02, 2021 5:30 PM
The Dominican Experience: Transforming Lives One Student At A Time
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Jan 12, 2021 5:30 PM
Compass And A Camera (Photos and commentary, many focused on Vietnam)
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Jan 05, 2021 5:30 PM
College of Martin, Administrative Services Snapshot
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Dec 15, 2020 5:30 PM
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Stories of RCME in Action
The Manta, Ecuador Fish Market project sponsored by Marin Evening is now in operation. Our Rotary Foundation Global Grant project provided the fish cleaning stations, industrial ice machine, cold storage room with drawers for fish storage and bathroom facilities.  We also provided the electrical system, clean water system, sanitation systems for both the fish effluent and the bathrooms, and paving for the site.  The fishermen also received extensive training in sanitary fish handling techniques. The building was constructed by the City of Manta and the Manta Rotary Club. Participating in the inauguration were the Rotary District Governor and Manta Rotary Club President, the Mayor of Manta and the head of the Fisherman's association.
The country of Ecuador has a shortage of engineers and scientists.  To help address that problem, Marin Evening Rotary Club sponsored a project to improve school teachers’ skills in science and math.  The teachers were also taught new teaching techniques using experiments and games, rather than the traditional rote learning.
One hundred twenty-five teachers from 29 elementary schools attended this training program.  These schools are located in a large slum area with over 300,000 people.  By participating the schools committed to changing and improving their teaching techniques.  This project was a huge success with the students, and their parents.  As a result of this pilot project, the Ecuador Ministry of Education is introducing these same techniques into other schools in the country
The Rotary Club of Marin Evening has just provided 170,000 protective masks and 4,722 protective medical uniforms for at-risk doctors, nurses and medical personnel at hospitals in Ecuador.  This PPE, intended for medical people treating Covid-19 patients, is being distributed to 27 hospitals throughout Ecuador including the Highlands, Coastal cities and the Galapagos.  Sixteen Rotary clubs in Ecuador are helping distribute this equipment along with our partner Rotary Club  of Guayaquil Norte.
Rotary Club of Marin Evening has begun providing meals to those experiencing homelessness during the pandemic. Over 650 meals have been provided through St. Vincent de Paul and the Canal Alliance in San Rafael. Rotary Club members prepare the meals at home for delivery to St. Vincent's on a bi-weekly basis. The nutritious meals include a sandwich, power bar, chips, fruit and a cookie. In many cases, this may be the only meal some people receive each day.
"We're happy to help with an activity that is safe for us and beneficial to many in need" says President Al Shirley.
Marin Evening Rotary Club provided microcredit loans and banking services to business owners and  fishermen in Esmeraldas Province, Ecuador.  These photos show women who started from nothing, and with our loans created their own businesses in sewing and tailoring, pharmacy and baking. Other businesses included fish marketing, convenience stores, restaurants, agriculture and support for fishing boats
The Marin Evening Rotary Club provided a cutting edge sewage treatment plant for a large school and orphanage near Guayaquil, Ecuador.  The latest bio-digestive technology was used to provide this sanitation service to over 1,200 people, thereby preventing environmental damage to local tourist beaches.
Club Secretary, Jayne Hulbert, announced the results of the District 5150 Club Awards Regatta.
Rotary Club of Marin Evening received 6 District Excellence Awards for the following:
Club Administration
Community Service
International Service
Public Image
The Rotary Foundation
Youth Service
Outreach programs of the club this past year include:
$3,000 donated to SF-Marin Food bank
1,000 face shields (with the Rotary Club of Dublin) for Guatemala health care workers
$1,000 donated for food and hygiene products to the area of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala towards the joint project of the United Way and the Rotary Club of Lake Titlan,Guatemala.
$1,000 donated to a Global Grant, providing PPEs to health workers in Guayaquil
$3,500 donated to Rotary International’s Disaster Response Fund
Provided teacher appreciation gifts to all teachers at the San Pedro and Venetia Valley schools.
Club President, Carlos Afre, commented, "We may be a small club in number, but we work hard to maximize our impact in the community as well as internationally. We appreciate the recognition by the District."
The Rotary Club of Marin Evening held its 5th annual Service Above Self Award ceremony on June 2, 2020 to recognize two San Rafael Elementary School Teachers. These teachers were selected due to their dedication to their students and because they meet Rotary’s motto of Service Above Self. The two impressive educators who received the Service Above Self Awards are Brianna Padilla, a kindergarten teacher from Venetia Valley K-8 School and Melissa Minar, a fifth-grade teacher from San Pedro Elementary.
Pat Malaga has joined RCME. After a career as an special education teacher, Pat has elected to fulfill her "caring for people" instincts as a member of RCME. In the attached photo, she is being welcomed by her sponsor, Lynn Taylor as well as members of the RCME leadership including Jayne Hulbert, Carlos Afre and Keith Axtell.