Meeting minutes for the Canal Alliance Meeting. Meeting attendees Malcolm Cohen and Keith Axtell had a very good meeting with Tom Wilson, ED, and Janice Vela
Malcolm and I had a very good meeting with Tom Wilson, ED, and Janice Vela from the Canal Alliance on Thursday.  We discussed the following issues:
1. We could assist them with their summer program, if our club so chooses.  They could use help with either a soccer coach or a teacher to help extend their summer program into the afternoons. This would be for the month of July. Tom will discuss their priority with their summer program coordinator and get back to me.  The cost for either one would be $1,200.  I'll work with Jean on a funding request when this info comes in.
2.  Malcolm mentioned our program with the Global Book Exchange.  They might be interested for their youth program.  Will let us know.
3.  They are currently getting food from the Food  Bank for their summer program.  They may follow up on the USDA program for next year.
4.  We discussed a possible Rotary scholarship program for college or vocational students, which they could administer.  They would be very interested in helping us with this.  If we should set up this program, our members could make selections of the students to receive the scholarships.  We can discuss this at a future meeting of the Community Service Committee.
5.  I tried to elicit their support for our possible work at Beach Park.  Tom Wilson stated flatly that no one in the Canal Area was going to use that park.  It is too far away from where the people live, and they are not using a similar, closer park at the end of Canal Street.  The Alliance is not interested in being involved.
6.  They offered to provide a workshop for our club on immigration issues.  They find there is a lot of confusion on these issues among the general public.  This would be at our regular meeting time, and could be similar to our Energy Authority debate with inviting members of other Rotary clubs.  Please let me know if you are interested, Mark, and we can get it on the calendar.
Tom and Janice were very interested in working with us on the about issues (except Beach Park).  Please let me know if you have any questions.
Keith Axtell