Al Shirley officiated in John tanko's absence. PTR was ad libbed and the raffle was based on a lottery of whose guess was closest to the total proceeds for Top Hat event which was $20, 600 won by the recently returned Winston Wood.
Visiting Rotarians were Ron Harness from Novato Rotary, Kim Cas from San Bruno, Rick ? from Terra Linda, and Sy from Mission SR and her husband Solomon who both have participated in Rotoplast Ethiopia.
Visitors included Shiofra, Mark's girlfriend, Karen Burnworth and the 2 Sister Maries from Notre Dame San Francisco.
Announcements-Larry thanked Al for stepping into the breach for heading the Top Hat fundraiser.
Al announced that Gene Duffy who was an honorary member was seeking membership which was greeted with large round of applause.
Marsha Solvason was so encouraged by enthusiastic response of the Book exchange in Richmond that Al suggested our club consider taking books over for ownership.
Holly and Keith spoke about the matching grant for Ecuador and reminded
us of May 23rd Peace Symposium at Golden gate University from 9a-5p.
Mark reminded us of Sat Planning meeting for next year at dad Al's place starting at 10a.
Good Times
Good Times-Jane thanked all involved in the preparations and work for successful Top Hat event and special thanks to her hubby Gene for donating 4.5 prime rib dinners. Elsia thanked Jane from all of us. Mark thanked Bill McNicholas and Keith for their many auction items. Malcolm thanked Barbara for donating a week at Tahoe..
Frank Benadaret proudly shared that granddaughter had recently passed the Bar exam.
Curt went to Davis and practiced spinning his head around watching both grandsons play their baseball games simultaneously
Program was presented by Mark Shirley with assist from Shiofra on their participation in Project Amigo.