PTR-Bill McNicholas tho' Don Angel lead the pledge. So may visitors, had to add table and chairs. 36 present

Visiting rotarians-Barry Schaffer from SR Rotary, Ted Rose and Susan Hill from Colima Club, and Project Amigo and their guest Maria Rincon.

Guests included: Jane Hulbert-husband Gene Duffy and dad Jack Hulbert. Malcolm Cohen-Barbara Gillette-her 2nd visit

Bill McNicholas- wife and speaker Doug Finley and wife Ann. and 4 folks from Bill's 5:30p Y club. Mark Shirley's-Schiefer?sp


Marsha Solvason obtained a $1000 grant from foundation for Library book club.

May 15th Top Hat and Pearls- Bill McNicholas received gift from Martha Heidinger for being the donator to cross $7000 contributions line.

Schiefer and Mark will talk about vision experience in May.

Jean Long visited Mill Valley rotary club to promote Camp Soulajule sponsorship and passed out fliers for Lobster feed event.

Good times
Patty Wolfe was singing and a woman offered to sell her new CD at ther store. Bruce Taylor also gave a plug for the greatness of CD.

Keith and Holly announced at Rotary Peace seminar in Berkeley last Sunday.
Don Angel's daughter at CAPOLY was on the winning team

visiting Rotarian announced that his first born 4 and 1/2 yr old son marked his first milestone by rolling over.

Bill McNicholas still receiving feedback from awesome energy event and said he and Elsia are planning on putting together another debate in Sept.

Eiko celebrated her 43rd wedding anniversary with a cruise.

Food arrived later than usual so lots of socializing.

Douglas Findley then provided many slides on Panama and his years living there assisting with Panama canal crossings.