by Martha Heidinger with thought to get involved and inspired and brought a whole bevy of mojito making essentials and gave us all an entertaining mixology course.
Visitors: Barbara( who may become a member) and Bob brought by Malcolm.
Visiting Rotarians: Kym Kassner(san Bruno) and Janice Vela(san rafael)

Allen Ng shared and had heartwarming testimonials from Marsha Solvason and Gene Duffy about the Nicholas Green awards and their origination.
Elsia announced that Damyen will be gone travelling for 3 weeks. Also asked if we saw our "buddy" list.Jane announced that it was on Damyen's website.
Gene Duffy reminded us of the upcoming Installation of new officers and the de-bunking of John Tanko.

Good Times
Patty Wolfe announced that she forgot to mention last week that she celebrated her 3rd anniversay to which we all sang a rousing chorus of Happy Anniversary.
Malcolm with great relief announced that he had closed hsi show.
Elsia announced that her daughter had made it thru her Jr year but now her Senior year sounds even more jam-packed!
John announced that he and Darby and god-daughter and friend had a great time in Hawaii despite the rain and disappointing weather.

2 high school gals from San Rafael who are very active in the Canal Alliance and told of the projects they are participating in, including a Clean up day from 2-4pm this Friday. They referred us to their website for on-going activities.
We were all given the luxury of time by adjourning early.

Faithfully submitted by:
Jean Long