Mark Shirley called our meeting to order, led us in the pledge and provided a thought for the day. As for guests, Curt introduced an arresting young lady by the name of Lisa. Also we had repeat visits from Kim Kassner and Lea Schwarz.
On to Good Times, initiated by yours truly reporting that Gail and I had enjoyed a very pleasant (and warm) two week vacation in Arizona and Colorado. Next up, John Tanko reported that he'd bought himself a tuba. Furthermore, he'd already taught himself to play it. Pretty remarkable young man. Allen Ng said that he'd traveled to Texas to cheer on his softball playing daughter in a tournament there.
I think that somewhere around here we drifted into Announcements, and Mark told us that there would be a District meeting for Community Service in San Francisco. Keith reported that there would be a joint training for International Service and Rotary Grants at the Presidio Golf Club in San Francisco on August 21.
Holly told us about Phyllis' Clothing Drive, which by the time you read this Bulletin will be history, and Jayne called our attention to the announcements on our tables for the District Foundation Event on November 9 - Putting on the Ritz. (A knock off of Top Hat and Pearls ?) Holly then awarded Jayne a Rotary White Hat award with two dingbats on behalf of Jayne's generous contributions to The Rotary Foundation. Speaking of which, Keith then recognized Patty Wolfe's inclusion in the Paul Harris Society, while Gene passed around to each of us materials we could use for our 2010/11 contributions to the Foundation.
Concluding the remarks on contributions and charitable giving, Curt led us onto more fun and frivolous matters, telling us about the plans for the weekend at his island on Clear Lake. This was followed by our raffle - an orchid contributed by Mark - which was won by Keith, but as quickly as he won it, he gave it away - to Eiko, thus making our evening as much a potlatch as a Rotary meeting. Something to chew on there.
Elsia then introduced our speaker for the evening, the Emergency Services Coordinator from the City of San Rafael. And as she began to speak the lights in Ignacio began to dim.
See you guys next week -
Respectfully submitted,