Bulletin of the Marin Evening Rotary Club

August 24, 2010

Our meeting was called to order by President Mark. We were led in the Pledge by this evening's PTR designate, Marsha Solvason, who followed this up with a very nice reading.
There were several visiting Rotarians this evening and several guests. In fact, we had pretty much of a full house. Among visiting Rotarians were: Rich Benson, our wannabe County Assessor, from Terra Linda, Bob Hope from the Foster City Rotary and Jim Becker from Petaluma, while guests included Henry Froneberger, a friend of Becker (who was somehow related to a NY Times Bestseller!), Karen Burnworth, a very close friend of Larry Burnworth, and Kim Kassner and Lea Schwartz two very experienced guests of our Club. Plus our two speakers, Jane Nielson and Howard Wilshire.
On to Good Times...........But before we got started, Mark cooled us down a bit with the warning (?) that fines were on the way, a tradition we've let slip for these past few years. According to Mark they'll be returning. But apparently not yet, so Marsha admitted that she'll soon be off on a 2 1/2 week cruise to Alaska. She also noted with pride and pleasure that this was her one year anniversary as a member of Marin Evening Rotary. Cheer, cheer. And we're proud to have her.
A Good Time was enjoyed by Malcolm who attended Patty Wolfe's birthday party down in Atherton. The party dined at Benihana's in Burlingame, and probably managed to squeeze in at least a couple of lanes at 101 Bowl as well. Though this could be just my imagination working there. Our guest, Bob Hope of Foster City said that he'd enjoyed the Rotoplast Cruise on the Bay last weekend. As had our President-Elect, Al Shirley. Back to our resident Anglo, Malcolm, who told us that he'd attended a Rotary Program on Grantsmanship last Saturday (that was a busy Saturday, Malcolm), put on by our own resident Grant experts, Holly and Keith. Malcolm reported that the two of them performed admirably.
Curt's Good Time was that Holly had saved his Little Black Book and all that came with it. Turns out that Curt fell into the water up at Clear Lake during the Club outing. Nothing to be concerned about there - except that his I-phone was in his pocket at the time. Bye bye, I-phon e. Not to fear though, as Holly was near ! Turns out Holly had learned about how to quickly "dry off" an electronic device. Shove it into a bucket of salt. Which she did. And voila - the phone worked. At least for a while. Long enough to pull all those important phone numbers - and other stuff - off of it, before it died for good a few days later.
Mark then enjoyed a Good Time, having the honor to pass out Blue Badges to Traci, Cory and Jean, which added them to the role of Good Timers. Following that, Curt confessed to having a birthday - as had yours truly earlier in the program - and the assembled throng belted out a sterling rendition of the Happy Birthday Song to the two of us.
It turned out that our guest, Henry Froneberger, who was previously mentioned as being related to a NY Times Best Selling author, was actually the son-in-law of the author of the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, which was indeed #1 on the NY Times Best Seller list for several weeks last year. Those of us at Henry's table enjoyed chatting with him about the book, of which he was quite knowledgeable. Henry mentioned to those gathered around him at the table that he'd be happy to speak to our Rotary Club on the subject at one of our meetings. As one who's read the book, I'd look forward to it, and I hope that we put him on the schedule.
On to Announcements, and the first one up was Al Shirley who discussed our upcoming Community Service Project, serving lunch at Martinelli House on Saturday, but in view of the fact that that function is now history, I won't bother repeating Al's instructions. Jayne made one more pitch for contributions to the RIF and announced that more raffle tickets were available if needed. She added that the Club's contributions so far were excellent.
Nearing the final turn, Marsha presented to us her home baked apple pie (gravensteins are the key, she says) and some flowers. A wicked bidding war then ensued, and when it was over, the winner was one of our visiting Rotarians, Rich Benson. President Mark tried to finagle a deal for the Marin Evenings, so that our property assessments could be lowered in return for our letting him have our pie, but I'm not sure that Rich agreed to this.
So, anyway. Elsia introduced to us, our speakers Howard Wilshire and Jane Nielson, both of the U.S.G.S., who spoke to us on the human-generated environmental challenges facing us in the western United States. At the conclusion of their talk they signed one of our children's books, and off they went. And off we went.
Don't miss next week's meeting. You'll get to learn who the real Barbara Gillett is ! Plus other really neat stuff. See you there.